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Who is a Military Conscientious Objector?

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Selective Service Registration: Coercion of Conscience? 


The draft has met with serious resistance from communities of faith and people of conscience throughout its history.  While tolerated by the population at large during times of crisis, virtually all religions teach that killing is wrong. Many faith traditions have spoken directly to the immorality of a government requiring its citizens to kill as a violation of the fundamental values taught by those faith traditions.

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Marines Implement New Standards for Conscientious Objectors

By Bill Galvin.  First published in On Watch by the Military Law Task Force (


In a new version of Marine Corps Order (MCO) 1306.16, issued in June of this year, the Department of the Navy, Marine Corps Headquarters, heightened the evidentiary standard a conscientious objector (CO) must meet. This reissue rescinds the previous version, which dates back to 1986.

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Moral Injury in Drone Pilots

"General hopes for a comfortable war--one that could be completed without emotional wounds--haven't been fulfilled."

Former drone pilot Brandon Bryant is haunted by the deaths he played a part in.

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